Assalamuallaikum :) halu2 I'm back
Oh gosh! It is been a long time I do not update my blog
desperately longing my blog huhu
oh yeah let's talk about SPM
amazing! I now realise that I'm sitting for SPM at age 16
haha maybe it it sound weird
It is just because I still not celebrate my birthday before the exam
However, I still not ready yet
I will try my best
the rigors of study, there was a man totally disrupt the focus of my study
he is my lover, surprised right?
sometimes i really hate him
because he always forced me to do things I do not like
sometimes I miss her
believe it or not, we broke up because of his stupidity
he did not even understand the pain meditation of my heart
SPM test load that I am currently receiving
he added with all sorts of requests
I was disappointed with him

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